Dogs in the Hood


This is me.  Not really, but you get the idea.  Frustrated.  That’s what I have been. If you read my first post, you’ll know what this blog is about…so here it goes…

Neighborhoods. With HOAs or not, they’ve all got problems.  Now, overall, I like neighborhoods with HOAs.  They’ll obviously look better but they’re still frustrating to deal with.  The first time I lived in an HOA community was with my first purchase which was about 6 years into my marriage.  It was a townhome community.  Before that, we had been renting in apartments (that could be a whole separate blog!).  The first HOA wasn’t all bad.  They kept up the grounds and salted the streets and plowed during winter.  It was nice!  We were busy students and it was worth the monthly fees.

The second neighborhood was another home purchase, also with an HOA.  This HOA didn’t monitor things as well but overall the neighborhood stayed nice.  The problem in this neighborhood was DOGS.  I grew up with animals.  My husband grew up with animals.  We, however, didn’t have animals and for this good reason. BARKING.  The houses all around us had barking dogs.  Dogs would bark at guests. Dogs would bark at us when we took out the trash. Dogs would bark at their dog bowls….ALL….DAY….LONG.  Imagine a dog, staring at his bowl and barking over and over and over.  I couldn’t believe it.  I talked to the neighbors and they didn’t care.  Law enforcement didn’t care because it was during the day. I had no recourse.  I decided to try and buy some devices that emitted a high frequency when the dogs barked…..a noise that they wouldn’t like.  Didn’t work so well.  I’m honestly not sure what you can do if you’re caught in this situation. I pray you never are.  There’s got to be an invention somewhere that can put barking dogs to rest!  Currently, we don’t live in that house anymore though.  Another story for another day.  If you have any great ideas for getting dogs to stop barking…share!  Stay tuned for my next exciting post!


UPDATE: I meant to share this article that I found in case you have a dog barking problem.  Most of these will only work if you’re the actual dog owner.  You’re welcome!