Home Improvements

How hard is it to just spruce up the face of your house a bit?  Not too hard.  I’ve mentioned before that HOA’s are a love and hate thing with me.  I love them because they usually stay on top of properties and don’t let them get run down too much.  Sometimes however, there’s nothing they can do.  In older neighborhoods that don’t have HOAs, you get what you get. Some houses are completely run down and grown over, some houses are crazy colors, some have so much stuff in their yard that you can barely see the house.  One neighborhood I lived in was like this. You had no control over what the neighborhood looked like and we knew that going in. But really, how hard is it to give your house a facelift? Not hard at all. It just takes a bit of money or elbow grease or both. A great home improvement contractor is the way to go if you’ve bought something that needs some some help and you have the money to spend.  You also know that things will be done right and to code.  Some people though, like doing projects themselves. I’m a little bit of both. I love projects but I have to think about my time personal time constraints and overall deadlines.  I’ll pay someone if I have to.


Click on the photo above to see some great before and after facelifts.  Some are fairly minor home improvement projects and some are major. A can of paint and some serious yard work and sweat equity are all it takes in some cases. In others, major renovation is required. If you’re in this situation and trying to decide how to help your own community by sprucing up your house, get to know your community and ask for referrals for good contractors or jump in as neighbors.  I’ve found neighbors with some serious home reno skills!

You also never know what’s keeping someone from fixing up their own place. I’ve actually seen neighbors band together to help someone with a house and yard facelift because they were too old to do it themselves. So again, get to know your neighbors. Talk about the neighborhood and what can be done if it’s older and you want to protect home values.  One house being spruced up can sometimes create a domino effect in the neighborhood!  Everyone wants to look good.

Another thing you can do is reach out to your local Habitat for Humanity. They are known for building houses but have shifted and actually take on whole neighborhood renovation projects in a lot of areas around the nation.  Their focus much of the times is on a neighborhood that has many residents that can’t help themselves….elderly or disabled, etc.  It doesn’t hurt to reach out and ask!

Stay tuned for more neighborhood help goodies.