Moved Again!

sold signY,all!  I moved again. It’s why the recent hiatus.  Move, then Thanksgiving, then Christmas, then some home improvement projects.  I think this was my 14th move in 20 years.  No, we’re not military.  This time though, we bought after 8 years of renting so I’ll probably have more blog posts about home improvement projects along with neighborhood issues.  Oh, have I got some neighborhood issues now.  I moved into a new build community and I’m currently surrounded by construction.  Yep, I’ve got stuff to talk about!

Last time I wrote about home improvement and facelifts and such.  There aren’t many facelifts needed in a new build but there has been some painting, some closets installed, some shelves installed and lots of unpacking, shopping decorating.  I’m not compaining about that!  We also just bought our first pet EVER.  She’s 8 weeks old and has turned our schedules upside down.

Right now our neighborhood has an HOA but it’s run by the developer.  At some point the residents will take over…I think around 50% occupancy.  Issues we’re dealing with are street parking, construction workers speeding through the neighborhood, theft from unlocked homes under construction, and of course tons of fixing of things done wrong.  Haha.

So now that life has crazied down a bit, I will be back on regularly.  Stay tuned!