Tree Removal – Don’t Attempt It Yourself!

As I said previously, I’m back at it after the move but it’s still slow going.  I’m so busy!  Part of being so busy means that I have to delegate out some projects I need/want done.  I’ll explain.

One of the things we had to do when moving into this new house was take down some old trees.  We have a natural treeline in the backyard that has a weird combination of trees.  There are newer trees that seem like they’re no more than 10 years old and old trees that basically look like 200 year old oaks that have slowly broken over time and are nothing but tall dead looking sticks.  Unfortunately I didn’t take a picture of the picturesque sticks but this stock photo give you the idea. There was also a lot of brush throughout all these trees.  It was just a mess in the back of our yard.  The big dead looking trees weren’t close enough to our property to do any damage if they fell (I don’t think), but man, they were an eyesore!!!  It almost looked like a tree graveyard.  Looking at tree graveyards don’t make me happy.

We’re too busy to take the time to do this ourselves, PLUS, this is a dangerous project.  So I did some local online research because this is a fairly large expense.  I found a few tree removal companies with lots of good reviews and took advantage of their free estimates.  I ended up going with the one that I liked the personalities of the best and that had decent middle-of-the-road prices.  They came out two weeks later and had the job done in hours!  Cleaned up and everything!  It’s a good thing I had the pros doing it too because even they had some hiccups that would have been major setbacks if it had been my husband and I.

I know a lot of people in this country have trees in their yards so I just wanted to touch on this subject.  Trimming trees yourself is doable if they’re smaller but I’ve even attempted to prune and trim myself and ended up damaging the trees doing it.  You need to do a lot of research before touching a tree with a pair of shears.  Tree removal is so much more major.  If you have a truck and a chain and a big piece of property and don’t mind possibly losing your truck’s bumper, that could be a fun project, but you could still smash your truck!  Again, climbing trees with chainsaws is not for the normal homeowner.  Pay a professional to do this for you.  You’ll thank me.